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Reverend Pfleger, Care to explain...

I know you supposedly care greatly about firearms getting onto the streets in the city you work (whether it be a lawful citizen or a criminal, there seems to be no difference to you between the two.). So I'd like to know why you wont talk about or get to the bottom of this story below. More specifically, the 45 other guns that this sheriff's deputy bought in your geographical area? Will you track those down? Gun used to shoot 3 Chicago cops traced to sheriff's deputy: sources Three officers were shot in the 3700 block of West Polk Street in the Homan Square neighborhood March 14, 2016. Police said an attacker was shot to death. Jeremy Gorner and Tony Briscoe Chicago Tribune The gun used in the shooting of three Chicago police officers last week has been linked to a former Chicago officer who later joined a police force in the northern suburbs, the Tribune has learned. Chicago police now are trying to figure out how t