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Cardinal Cupich launches "anti-violence" program in Chicago with Pope Francis’ support

Cardinal Cupich launches anti-violence program in Chicago with Pope Francis’ support 04/05/2017 at 5:55 PM Posted by Mary Anne Hackett By Michael O’Loughlin, April 04, 2017 Cardinal Blase Cupich announced he will use $250,000 from his discretionary charitable fund to create a new foundation to fund anti-violence programs throughout Chicago, an initiative with support from Pope Francis. The cardinal told reporters on April 4 that the archdiocese will expand existing mentorship, educational and job programs at Catholic entities and partner with non-Catholic agencies. Speaking in a neighborhood where gang violence is rampant, Cardinal Cupich said the Catholic Church is committed to peace-building. “We are here because the kids are here, because the families are here. They deserve our support,” he said. The cardinal read a letter he received from Pope Francis, who exhorted Chicago’s young people to follow the ex