Friday, September 11, 2015

The Vatican Aligns with the UN on Gun Control

This 'sculpture' stands outside of the United Nations building.
The Vatican wants private firearms to be banned for all citizens of the world. They are very quiet about this fact and you can only find their statements in footnotes on Crime and Small Arms Treaty documents.

Although not widely known, their desire to take guns away from private citizens is clear. Here is a statement from the US bishops taken from “A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice from November 2000:

“As bishops, we support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and make them safer–especially efforts that precent their unsupervised use by children or anyone other than the owner–and we reiterate our call for sensible regulation of handguns.” The footnote says: “However, we believe that in the long run and with few exceptions–i.e, police officers, military use–handguns should be eliminated from our society.”

The United Nations also calls for a ban on firearms for private civilian use. Hillary Clinton has noted that the Obama administration is working with the UN to ban private gun ownership.
Source: CNS

"It is a concealed fact that the Vatican wants to take away private firearms from citizens world-wide. This is a control issue. The United States second amendment says that citizens rights to gun ownership shall not be infringed. The US government will eventually give the rights of the people over to the United Nations and international law. The US constitution will be worth nothing more than a piece of paper as the antichrist sets up his world government. Now we know who’s side the Vatican is on, and it’s not on the side of freedom for the people. The Vatican will continue to ride the beast until she gains ultimate power over world religion."

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  1. This isn't quite true if you know where to find the key. The Constitution, as stated by Thomas Jefferson, is a document that was created for a moral, religious will not work for any other. Americans today are blinded by love of pleasure more than God and because of this they will not open their eyes. As a nation, we have rejected God and now God has rejected America. Factor in brain washing and the difficulty becomes a nightmare. The ones who are not saved sense that something is going on and are sounding the alarm but they don't understand the driving force. A nation without God can have no other, indeed WILL NOT tolerate a moral government. And no government, including the Monarchs of Rome could simply give away our rights unless we first gave them up ourselves. We didn't want the liberty of serving God. We preferred bondage instead so that's what we got instead.

    I hear a number of people talking about how the government strips us of our rights illegally and in violation of the Constitution, especially in the patriot community. But this is not true. The government uses deceit (one method they use is they create a problem and then offer the solution, I.e. The patriot act and 9/11) act unlawfully but what they do is not illegal. They take an oath to uphold the Constitution. I assure you that they do not, under any circumstances break that oath or they would face serious consequences. They do, however find ways to get around it. Herein lies the key to "how".

    Article I, Section 10, Clause 1: Obligation of Contract.