Thursday, February 15, 2018

Catholic church says, stricter gun control is “vital and urgent,” after new alleged shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

And she still has her Catholic ashes on her forehead. Crisis actors?

Archbishop laments “act of senseless violence” in Florida school massacre

“I offer my prayers and those of the entire Catholic community for those affected by this senseless tragedy: we pray for the deceased and wounded, for ... In response to previous gun violence in the United States, Wenski supported gun control measures proposed by former President Barrack Obama in ...

Kalamazoo's Catholic Diocese releases statement on Parkland shooting
"While the endless arguments about gun control and tighter security will continue, as people of faith, we know that the only solution is for people to change their hearts, and to turn away from violence. Let us pray, fast, give alms and do whatever it takes to change hearts, beginning with our own, and to ...

Francis, US bishops offer prayers after another act of “horrifying evil” in Florida school shooting

He said stricter gun control is “vital and urgent,” though he said that alone will not solve the problem of violence. “We've lost our respect for human life on a much broader scale, and this is the utterly predictable result,” he wrote. Law enforcement officials identified the shooting suspect as 19-year-old ...
The reporter  has the Catholic cult ashes on her head too!

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